Jan. 29th, 2017

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So far this weekend: slow cooker pot roast, a large batch of Greeny Bowl, slow cooker chicken tikki masala [about which I am unimpressed but [profile] yomikomi is happy with], and some Indian-style mushrooms. But I know by the middle of the week I'll want something that tastes different, to mix it all up. I also know I won't have the energy then to actually cook and I'll end up starving, hangry, and eating all the wrong sorts of things, which is most emphatically not good.

Hence we have deconstructed the soup. I think I got this recipe from Diane Morgan's Roots: the Definitive Compendium but I've just got a photocopy, so apologies for misattribution. In this recipe, the author "cheats" by using a rotisserie chicken's bones to make stock, and then throws in celeriac, the rotisserie chicken meat, greens, and mushrooms. So, we divvied all of that up, chopped, torn, etc., and packaged it up to go into the slow cooker later in the week. Tomorrow I'll throw in the stock bits with water and bouillon for a few hours, and the resulting stock can go in the fridge. Wednesday I'll throw the celeriac, chicken, stock, greens, and mushrooms in the slow cooker again and it will be dinner. Woot.

Or so I hope. Have any of you done anything like this before?

deconstructed soup


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