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Oh, my: Romanesco, Green cabbage (eight pounds), Broc, Large bok choy, Sweet peppers 2 kinds, Cranberry shelling beans, Kale, Chard, Parsley, Cilantro, Kohlrabi, Small turnips, Radishes, Beets and greens, 2 small zukes, Corn and baby corn, and APPLES. I spent another hour at least figuring out how to preserve or use it all. Succotash, stir-fried bok choy, broccoli soup, braised kohlrabi and turnips, beet pizza, and more apple sauce. I'm still working on the remaining items.

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The weekend has been a happy happy blur, so here are last week's vegetables—chard, kale, arugula, dill, cilantro, parsley, turnips, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, onions, pepper, radishes, golden beets, not-golden beets, and zukes—thankfully no cabbage.


and last week's fruit share of pears, apples, cranberries, and raspberries.

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In case you can't tell, that's a 7 pound cabbage.

No, I don't know what we're going to do to eat it all.

The rest of the veg were more reasonable: kale, arugula, chard, dill, cilantro, small fennel bulb, leek, two small green banana peppers, small ears of corn [too small to do anything with, in my opinion], radishes, beets, tiny turnips, carrots, 3 zukes [sigh], and an eggplant [yay!].

17th week veggies

The fruit share also included another ginger gold apple and a half-pint of raspberries but at this point—

fruit share

—I had already eaten the aforementioned apple and the raspberries were in the slow cooker with last week's macs [ugh] becoming sauce.

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Yes, I'm a week behind.

I blame putting up the corn in this week's share, freezing the peppers, foisting a new broccoli recipe off on the pa`ina, first time making kale chips [inedible], trying out a new [and useful] recipe to deal with the kohlrabi, pieing many of the apples, roasting the carrots, tailing tipping and roasting the beans, slow-cooking the toms into marinara, making agua fresca from the watermelon, saucing the raspberries.

fruit share

veg share

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The fruit share this week did not get a photo, but it was four watermelons [all the same kind, sadly], a bag of peaches, a bag of apples, and a half-pint of raspberries.

As for veggies, there were bells, hot peppers, banana peppers, radishes, cucumbers, corn, beets [time to dig out the sesame recipe], kohlrabi, tomatoes of all descriptions, a bag of carrots [after I had picked some out of the garden, too], broccoli, a handful of dill, chard [which is already namul], sorrel, and arugula.

veg share week 14
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I must confess the other part of the reason I'm doing this is for comparison with other farm shares. What came this week was [last week's promised] celery, sorrel, bok choy, 1 bell, 1 banana pepper, 2 cukes, 1 kohlrabi, one bit of broccoli, a curley-head lettuce, 4 ears corn, 5 slicing tomatoes, a bunch of smaller toms.
week 13 veg

What I have been hoping for, since other farms are selling them at the market, and which Debby's share is delivering, are potatoes and carrots. [So far we have eaten carrots out of the back yard, which has been kinda awesome but not what I was expecting.] In fact, this whole comparison experience has made me wonder whether the veg distribution at this other farm is more in line with my tastes.

I have no qualms about the fruit share, though. We got melons galore

week 13 fruit

plus 2 pints raspberries and a bag of peaches. Yum.

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The promised celery did not appear, sadly, but we got all kinds of tomatoes and peppers, more corn, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, little turnips, and an eggplant.

veggie share

Some of the fruit was in the veggie box, so I was suprised by the two types of peaches and raspberries

delicate fruits in share

but not by the melons!

veggie share
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This week has run away with me, or perhaps run past me as my energy level faded. So here is what we got from this week's veggie farm share:

week 10 veggie share

I like this because it's the first really balanced week, not 10 pounds of zukes to the exclusion of much else.

The haul: cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, 3 zukes [thank goodness!], cucumbers, dill, parsley, garlic head, 2 bells, 3 banana peppers, fennel bulb, 2 bundles onions, lettuce, savory, beet roots, radishes.

The fruit was awesome:

week 10 flirt share

Peaches, two watermelons [yellow and red!], and canteloupe.

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I have been wanting to share the shares for a while and have gotten off my butt to do so mostly because I'd like a record to compare for the future, future weather, future volume of share chosen.

This week's veggies included cukes, summer squashes [too many!], 6 ears corn, 2 green bells, 1 yellow bell, 6 medium tomatoes, pint of cherry tomatoes, fennel bulb, rainbow chard, collards [which you can have! ugh!], lettuce [still! ugh!], storage onions, garlic clove, and some wrinkly peppers whose identities I do not know.

veg on island

This week's fruit included a dark star watermelon, canteloupe, 4 peaches, 6 nectarines, apricots, and a pint of blueberries.

fruit on island

Wasn't that preferable to the books I'm reading? Maybe next week I'll manage both.


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