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deconstructed nachos on a blue plate

Okay, so I made the beans in the crock on Friday—from dried in the pantry and a chopped onion and dried spices—and [personal profile] yomikoma picked up scallions on the way home, but we had salsa in the fridge, and cheese, and a handful of not-quite-stale corn chips, plus half a chopped cuke and ten leftover cherry tomatoes, along with that overripe avocado I bought Monday, and this is what dinner was. Totally fab. I can't believe I threw all this together and this is what we got to eat.

Along those lines, I gave Bird in the Hand one more chance and we tried the "forrester chicken" which also turned out fab, but I also was able to make the whole thing with stuff we had at home already—or fudge it: skip the parsley over the top, add in extra carrots, use the end of the cream rather than the amount it called for, frozen mushrooms instead of fresh, and dried shiitake which were probably not what the "dried wild mushrooms" really meant. I also tossed in a quarter cup of flour at the end to make it thicken a little, since I hadn't the heart to not include all the dried mushroom broth.

Both experiences were kinda amazing.

Date: 2017-04-23 11:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yomikoma
You improvise so deliciously!


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